Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hives Update

Sunday, May 30, 2010 We checked out the two hives. The green hive had four frames with brood, larvae and capped. This is good but it is still a weak hive. There were honey arches and pollen on most of the frames. The bees were busy but there are not as many bees as there should be at this time. We will leave it alone and see how it proceeds.

The yellow hive was buzzing with seven frames of brood, capped, and larvae, lots of honey arches and pollen. We added a second hive body with ten frames so they would have room to expand. If a hive gets too many bees and not enough fresh space to build in they may swarm. Adding a hive body gives them that space. With all the capped brood there will soon be even more bees to work.

Off the subject I found a plant in the green house that had the leaves at the top looking like they were stuck together. On further examination this is what I found. Mama spider has stuck the upper leaves together to make a shelter for her eggs. Mama spider will not leave the plant in spite of me moving it several times.

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