Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spider update and Misc.

By popular demand here is a picture of the new hatchlings. Is that a correct term for newly hatched spiders?Tiny little spiders that almost look like lint. I thought Mom was missing and then found her in the pot.

I also have some volunteer plants. The one in the pot I found when cleaning up the vegetable garden. The root looked like a big carrot and I was curious so I put it in a pot. Now it is blooming. Does anyone know what this is?

This "free plant" is obvious and we enjoy them every year. The humming birds like them as well.

Watch where you step in my back yard. These baby "frogs" are everywhere.

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  1. The mystery plant you potted up is Pokeweed. It's a pretty native that produces berries the birds like but it is fairly aggressive and poisonous to mammals (ok, technically there are times and ways you can make Pokeweed salad but I wouldn't risk it).

    Great baby spiders and frogs. It's that time of year.