Friday, May 28, 2010

Bring water girls

It is really hot here the last few days. Bees gather any place they can find water. This is just a few at the bird feeder. I tried until the battery died to get a picture with lots more bees but they will not hold still.
Worker bees in the hive give the word as to what is needed, pollen, nectar, or water. Obviously water is needed in the hive today.
How do they let the foragers know what is needed? Well if the hive needs water and a bee comes in loaded with pollen, the workers ignore her. They let her wait while they rush to gather water from other bees. After that she says "hey to get attention, I need to bring water." It is no fun sitting around waiting for someone to unload your heavy load of pollen.

It looks like word is out for water.

A ligustrum hedge about 20 feet tall is blooming in our yard and it is full of butterflies, bumble bees, honey bees, and a multitude of bees. There were so many butterflies when I took these pictures, I could not count them. Much less be able to count the bees.

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