Saturday, April 24, 2010


It has been two weeks since we installed our two colonies into the hives. Today we did our first thorough inspection.
First: The green hive we thought was our strongest colony. Several of the ten frames had drawn comb. This is where the bees build the was cells out. There were a lot that were filled with nectar and/or sugar syrup (we are feeding them), some with pollen, some cells were capped honey. We were looking for eggs and larvae and were not able to see any. This could be due to the fact that the bees were so busy working on the cells. However, we found about six supersedure cells. These are cells where they bees are raising potential queens. It is a sign that the queen is not up to par. We did not spot the queen so she may not be there. We removed the supersedure cells and sent an email to the local Beekeepers association asking for advice. Stay tuned.

Second: The yellow hive was thought to be not as strong a colony. It had several frames of drawn comb, one with a honey arch (this is good), and we spotted larvae. Eggs are difficult to see when you are experienced (and we are not). This colony seems to be doing quite well.

It was fun doing the inspection. We did not use any protective gear and only smoked sparingly. These bees are so calm. Once a bee started buzzing around my head, round and round and round and round. Knowing that it is not good manners to swat, I quietly walked away from the hive. She followed. I went into the shade. She followed. Then I started to go into a lombardy popular hedge and she abandoned me. This was the only bee that did this. Mostly they just buzz you once.

So far - no stings. That will come in time.

No pictures today. We had our hands full with bees and frames.

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